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We are a Roku TV Channel and Roku TV Show Production company.

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You can get your own Roku TV Channel and Roku TV Show, We can setup and create your Roku TV Channel and Roku TV Show . Your Channel and Show will be available on Roku TV. We offer video production services and we can Film and edit your TV Show Video if you like. We also design video ads as a Video Ads Agency and do video marketing for local businesses, We now operate as a full service digital marketing agency. We come to work every day and help others succeed online and off. Please note that we are not affiliated with or endorsed by Roku, Inc!

Be the leader in your industry. When you have your own Roku TV Channel whether or not you host or star in your own Roku TV Show you get instant Authority and Prestige. Even Fame comes from your Brand and name associated with your Roku TV Show. And then comes the Traffic from over 26 million viewers watching Roku TV Channels. Typically you can get up to 10,000+ viewers in your first month alone. You get Prestige, Authority, Fame and Traffic for your Brand, Business or services. It is hard to find a business that could NOT benefit from having their own Roku TV Channel and you will be positioning yourself as an industry expert.

Easy Monetization. Roku TV advertising is big business.

Right now, Roku owns 49% of the overall US device video market. Roku has over 26 million viewers in US alone not counting world wide viewers. You can also Monetize your channel with TV ads. Use the Roku Audience Network, and Let Roku find the advertisers for your Roku TV channel. Brands like Coca cola, Star bucks, Targets, and fortune 500 companies want to advertise on your Roku TV Channel! You can Collect the advertising revenue 4 times per year. How do you get paid? Roku now supports PayPal, so you have a choice of getting the funds paid into your PayPal account or into your bank account.

You can also include any private advertisements within your Roku TV Show video. Simply have any Advertisements added to your Roku TV Show video on your Roku TV Channel!

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